Wedding Dress

Lindsay and I had a heated discussion yesterday while we assembled paper crafts for children’s ministry. Such is the life to be married to a prophetic voice.

After, we passionately discussed what God has laid on our hearts and how we can best serve the church in our lives.

We discussed how the church is sick with consumerism. And over tears we pleaded with each other to commit to what we knew to be true. A statement was uttered.

The church has forgotten she is the bride of Christ and she is cheating on Him with Christianity.

It made me think of a song Pastor Vernon shared with me almost 8 years ago.

This song is real and offensive. And we all need to hear it.

May we seek His face and beg for forgiveness and repent. 

4 thoughts on “Wedding Dress

  1. Is that what you meant when you said it was offensive…Wow. It is offensive, real, and causes reflection. Thanks for sharing.

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