The Calling

Let not your heart fear to do what is right,
Be it the hardest request ever asked.

This world will try to conceal and complicate,
And detour you with sins of your past.

Still all is forgiven and all is lost
when you’re asked to follow the call.

The voice of forgiveness, mercy and grace,
is not taken if wanted, nor heard by all.

So drop your intentions and plans of defense,
and strategy that won’t win the war.

Brave is a new creature, without pride,
that is willing to trust evermore.

The enemy, real, the cost without end,
as many by the thorns are drowned.

Be wise to let go of all that you love,
and let the dead see themselves to the ground.

Darkness surrounds us and swallows us whole,
if vigilance is out of our sight.

Still the light never shined so bright and so pure,
as in the darkest of night.

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