The 997-Piece Puzzle

Right before Christmas this past year, a friend gave me a puzzle. She didn’t know that growing up it was a tradition in our family to spend the holiday season working on a puzzle. It was out on a card table and anyone could pass by and spend whatever time they had or wanted working to fit pieces together.

The puzzle gifted to me by my friend was the most difficult one I’d ever worked on. I labored with pure delight over the strangely cut pieces, intricate design, and lack of differentiation in color scheme (for the majority of the scene).

As I was nearing the end of pieces to conclude the picture, it was becoming evident that all of the pieces were not there, yet I continued. When every piece I had available was fitted into its place, three pieces were missing.

And I heard the Lord share this Truth:

My thoughts and ways are higher than man’s ways (the highest missing puzzle piece);

I sent My Beloved Son to walk the earth from childhood to manhood to reveal my thoughts and ways to man (the center missing puzzle piece);

I sent My Holy Spirit to whosoever would ask and receive to enable man to learn and walk in my thoughts and ways (the final missing puzzle piece);

The sea of humanity will never be complete apart from These.

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