A quick story of love and repair.

Broken and in Need of Repair

Our family van is more than 10 years old. That isn’t so bad; I used to drive a 40 year old car. The age isn’t what was bad. Our van had no AC. In Florida, that feels like a death sentence. We pushed through, though it was rough, we thought we would get some respite in the coming winter months. Then the windows stopped working and would not go down. It was bad. Real bad. It was a sauna on wheels.

I finally broke down and mentioned it at Abel House. It was hard for me to mention, you know, “manly” pride and all, getting in the way. I asked for prayer; now the brakes were going bad and the van made a monstrous noise when coming to a stop. I couldn’t afford to get them fixed professionally. I had planned on ordering the parts online, like I did with the radiator, watch some Youtube videos, and replace the brakes myself.

“I know a guy, that owes me some favors.”

That is what someone said Wednesday night as we were crammed in our living room like sardines. They said, “Let’s take it too him, and I am pretty sure we can get those brakes fixed.” “I can’t,” I said. Pride showing itself again. They persisted; I conceded.

While my car was in the shop, that same person let me borrow their second car. AC. Life was never so good. A couple of days passed, and the van was still getting looked at. “Some emergency repairs came up,” and, “I told him to take a look at the AC to see what it would take to get it fixed. Maybe it is something small.” I had already looked at it; it wasn’t small. I was pretty sure that it was the AC clutch, probably more. Not an inexpensive repair.

The Pickup

A few more days passed. Time to pick up the van. Lindsay had her sister take her down to the shop and pick it up. She called me, “THEY FIXED THE AC!” Pure elated excitement. Unbelievable. We didn’t need to pay a thing. Here is the deal, I know that repair was way beyond the aforementioned favors. Truth is, our church rallied around and covered the cost of the repair. This big fat piece of humble pie has never tasted so great.

The Question

The best part of the experience (aside from being able to stop on a dime, and not dying of heat exhaustion) came from telling my daughter that members of our distributed church gifted this repair. She responded with a question.

“Why would they do that?”

I answered immediately, “They love us.

I have been thinking about it all day. Romans 12:9-10 MSG. I know the people that did this. They are profound believers, who “practice playing second fiddle,” not doing it for the recognition, but for the Glory of God.

God’s People

Earlier in the same week, there was a story of someone terrified they might have bone cancer. I cried for them, and while I do tend to cry easy these days, I sobbed for them. Ugly cried. I know what fear is like, and know what it can be like to be crippled in fear. My car troubles can’t even be compared to something like that.

What does this have to do with my van? That person also shared, they don’t have bone cancer. Praise God! If they did happen to have cancer, I know that Abel House would be a place where their burdens would be shared, with people that love them.

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