Jeremiah 2, and the Kingdom Split

What an amazing evening last night! It was great fun having some new faces, a full room, and full bellies. And to think, all the chairs where full, and there were seats spilling out of the room! (Sorry Shirley, Matt and Bill.)

All Those Chairs!

I wanted to share with you some resources for further study on the topics we discussed last night. We first started with discussing an overarching timeline. That can be seen here: The Prophets Timeline. It is by no means complete, but it does contain links, Scriptures and images of the time periods that should prove helpful. I will continue to add to it as we move forward through our journey of the Prophets.

Further reading on the Kingdom Split, 1 Kings 11:41-12:211

Shaving crowns or splitting skulls? Have a look at these commentaries. (I uploaded them as screenshots to preserve the original language rendering.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-23-at-7-28-10-AM-2 “Broken,” ISBE, n.p.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-23-at-7-28-48-AMW. Hall Harris, ed., The NET Bible Notes (1st, Accordance electronic ed. Richardson: Biblical Studies Press, 2005), n.p.

Did you have a favorite passage of the evening? I would love to hear your thoughts thus far.

  1. Scorpions? The NET Notes “Heb “My father punished you with whips, but I will punish you with scorpions.” “Scorpions” might allude to some type of torture using poisonous insects, but more likely it refers to a type of whip that inflicts an especially biting, painful wound. Cf. CEV “whips with pieces of sharp metal.”” 

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