About Us

We are a distributed church. Following the Great I AM; attempting to be the best God has designed for us. Serving those not yet in the family, wherever they might be.

What does that mean?

Practically, Abel House is a group of people that gather together regularly in order to read through the Bible. Some nights we pray for the majority of our time together; yet, we eat food every time we get together. We have weddings, and baptisms, other times we have concerts. However, Abel House is more than that.

We Are a Distributed Church

We are a distributed church; we exist without the constraints of a building. We gather in the homes of our members and have little to no overhead that a “traditional” church has. Our biggest bill: paper plates. More than that, we are able to move in and about the lives of our members. Abel House is where our members are; work places, soccer fields, board game stores, video game tournaments—you get the picture. Our only constraints are the relationships we haven’t made yet.

Following the Great I AM

We follow the teachings of Jesus and the orthodox church as best as we can. Ligonier has done a great job of presenting orthodox faith. You can read and explore more at http://christologystatement.com/. 1

Attempting to be The Best God Has Designed For Us

This is not a theological assertion on personal holiness, rather as it is a statement of our response to the amazing things that God has done for us already and that in His great lovingkindness, we respond with repentant lives out of sheer joy, not trying to earn His favor by doing good works. The scriptures tell us that He is the one that creates the good path in our lives and gives us what we need in order to walk them.

Serving Those Not Yet in the Family

God’s people have always had a call for their lives to be His agent in this world. It is our belief that Abel House should be a light to the world, especially to those that are not of our faith. No matter what faith, stage or circumstances they might be a part of, Abel House exists in part to show God’s love to them. To be God’s love for them.

Wherever They Might Be

Being a distributed church affords us the opportunity to be where the hurt and lost are; they don’t need to come to us, rather we exist to be distributed out and among those dark places and to be a soothing balm for them. Jesus Himself, spent time with the sinners; so much so, that the religious zealots in His time thought less of Him because of the company He kept. Let that be true with us as well.

Interested in More?

Feel free to join us for an evening, or let’s get together over coffee and discuss how you can do the same in your life, with your friends. There is no reason not to be more attentive in your faith, and many reasons to do so. Let’s talk.

Active in Central Florida

We are active participants both in Northland‘s Distributed Church Network, as well as the Central Florida Church Network and are good friends the Zoe Project and the Crowded House Network.

  1. Abel House is “open” for others, and because of that, we recognize that our members, may or may not, all believe the same thing in the same ways. Our goal is to best follow Jesus in all His ways, and we do so with varying success.