Abel House Launched!

Abel House is launched! After waiting four weeks (during which we mentioned every time we ran into each other somewhere else that we missed Bible study), on Wednesday evening, May 27, we finally gathered together again as the church at Robert and Lindsay’s home.

Those who had worshiped at house churches in the past must have felt a sense of déjà vu, of real homecoming. Those of us who had not met at house churches in the past still realized the feeling of homecoming because of memories of our own family gatherings.

When I or any one of my six siblings walked into our parents’ home, we did not slow down before we were around the corner, through the dining room, and into the kitchen where Mother was, hands busy with preparation for feeding us stilled long enough to hug us. Guess our path when we entered Abel House—straight through the dining room and into the kitchen!

Several stood there, chatting, hands busy, catching up with Bible study family not seen for a month and completing preparations for the homecoming meal, for our communion time. Others congregated in the dining room and in the family room to cement the community, the sense of a family of families.

After a short program of shared Scripture reading and prayer, we had a feast! Near the end of the evening, a question arose whether or not we would continue to have the communion meal each week. The response in favor of continuing it was near unanimous. And no wonder considering all the delicious food shared!

For this first time together, of the activities Don wrote about last week in “A New Revolution,” we focused on eating and fellowship for about half the time and Scripture and purpose of the study the other half. The fellowship part was easy in the home atmosphere. We met new people and learned more about those with whom we have studied for years more effortlessly than we could have in our former more formal setting. To say we drew closer is to understate the matter!

During the second half of the evening, we focused on Luke 24:13-36. As we began our preparation for studying the prophets, we had Jesus’s own words supporting the importance of the prophesies “concerning Himself in all the Scriptures” (NASB).

Our closing prayer time refocused us on our personal dependence on a relationship with Christ and with each other. I can hardly wait to reconvene next week at the same time, in the same place, with the same people and others to worship God and to study the prophets. We are launched!

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